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Video goggles are available for children and adults in certain cases.     cinemavisiongoggles 28229 2


The video goggle system allows us to perform the MRI without anesthesia for children and makes having  the MRI easier.   Goggle Video




MRI Metal Artifact Reduction

Sharp and Children's MRI uses new techniques to reduce artifacts caused by metal implants, increasing the quality of imaging for patients with metal joint hardware

  •  Rule out pseudotumors
  •  Diagnose loose and infected metal implants



Since the days of early orthopedic MR imaging, the presence of metal in an anatomic region of interest has proven to be an extremely challenging problem for musculoskeletal radiologists. Metal produces a large signal void (dark area) and significant distortion often precluding the evaluation of disease in and around metal implants, such as total hip replacements. Unfortunately, in addition to delivering ionizing radiation doses to patients, CT is also susceptible to the distortion produced by metal implants. Thus, until recently, when metal was present in a patient, it was impossible to obtain useful information with advanced imaging techniques. Compounding this problem, the physical examination and plain films are of limited sensitivity in patients with painful metal on metal (MoM) hip constructs, which increased in popularity a few years ago. Patients with these constructs are at risk for developing a dreaded complication caused by the body's response to metal debris, referred to as pseudotumors. Pseudotumors may occur within and around the joint and require accurate diagnosis, and potential revision arthroplasties.

"With the cooperation of our orthopedic surgery colleagues, we have optimized our metal artifact reduction protocol at SCMRI to address these issues," said Nick Panchal MD, Co-Director of Sharp and Children's MRI Center. "Our results have been fantastic! We can now accurately rule out pseudotumors, and surprisingly, the degree of metal suppression achieved has allowed us to diagnose loose and infected metal implants as well."

The new and improved metal artifact reduction protocols have provided us at SCMRI a high level of confidence in imaging patients with metal hardware in general and to rule out many complications relating to implant failure in particular.



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First Sharp and Children's MRI Scanner at Rady Children's Hospital

Sharp and Children's MRI Center is pleased to announce the installation of a new MRI Scanner at Rady Children's Hospital of San Diego.  


At Sharp and Children's MRI Center we are Committed to Providing You the Highest Level of Care

logo scmri circleonlySharp and Children's MRI Center, LLC (scMRI) was founded in 1986 by Sharp Memorial Hospital and Rady Children's Hospital and San Diego Imaging Medical Group (SDI) to provide comprehensive diagnostic imaging for children and adults. The MRI Center is dedicated to providing the highest levels of service to our patients in a relaxed, caring, and supportive environment. We are one of the few diagnostic imaging centers in the San Diego area to offer the comfort of anesthesia for both infants and children. And, unlike open or standing MRI devices, our conventional imaging technology provides first-time high quality image results.

Our Highly Accomplished and Caring Staff

Image 7487 - CroppedOver the years, Sharp and Children's MRI Center has formed a strong and loyal physician referral base. Physicians rely on us for flexible scheduling, high quality imaging, and rapid diagnostic response by our specialty radiologists.  Our staff of nationally recognized, board certified radiologists give you and your physician the confidence that only highly-trained medical professionals are reviewing the results of your exam.


Our dedicated staff of nationally certified technologists and registered nurses will help you feel relaxed and comfortable.  The MR technologist will view your images of the area being scanned to ensure quality imaging.





About ACR

Sharp & Children's MRI Center is an accredited facility by the American College of Radiology.

Accreditation is only awarded to those facilities that meet or exceed the quality and safety standards of the American College of Radiology. Patients and physicians are encouraged by the ACR to seek out facilities that have achieved this distinction.

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 MRI Procedures 
home-module-imgFor additional information on MRI and MRA scanning procedures, please select a link below to download a PDF explanation.

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