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Explanation of MRI Scanning Procedures


For additional information on MRI scanning procedures, please select a link below to download a PDF explanation.

For efficient processing, your image and test results are digitally stored and electronically transmitted to your physician.

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The body part to be scanned will be in the center of the magnet.  Depending on the examination and patient height the technologist will

make every effort to position you so that your head is out of the machine as far as possible.


Physicians & Publications

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Safety Of MRI Contrast

The contrast agents we use at SCMRI are all FDA approved. The FDA's position is that there is 'no evidence...that gadolinium is harmful' and is not placing restrictions on its use at this time. MRI contrast has been used for thirty years in our industry and has a very good safety record.


The FDA's statement on the safety of Gadolinium Based Contrast can be found on their website at:

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Cash Price

Cash prices include MRI exam and  professional reading


Non contrast MRI exam $500

Contrast MRI exam $575


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Magnetic Resonance (MRI) Procedure Screening Form for Patients

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Information for Patients with orthodontics, dental braces, or other dental hardware


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